Why Choose Us

Looking for a Better Connection?

Do you want to spend more time in nature? Are you in search of a better connection with your team at work? Or a better connection with yourself?

At Cleveland Zephyr Outdoor Academy, we offer nature-based educational retreats designed to help participants discover their own unique leadership style.

What We Teach

Choose from our 5 Day Adventure Course, our 3 Day Leadership Course, or a Half-Day or Full-Day Workshop. We provide a cost-effective way to explore the natural resources of Ohio and the surrounding areas.


We will explore what it means to be a leader – not just as the person in charge, but how we actively engage in leadership by caring for ourselves and our own needs, and by being an involved member of the team.


We will immerse ourselves in the environment through meditative yoga in a technology-free zone, to focus on our best-selves what we want from each day.

Your Unique Style

We will investigate different leadership styles and group dynamics, helping you discover your own unique way of leading people.

Responsible Risk-Taking

We will take you out of your comfort zone to create educational opportunities that will increase your tolerance for responsible risk-taking and not knowing the outcome of every decision.


We will focus on the creative process by taking photographs of nature and the landscape to identify how artistic creativity can teach you to unleash your potential to solve problems.

Environmental Stewardship

We will introduce Leave No Trace ethics and their application to life in the ‘front country’.

Contact us today if you have questions, or want to join us on our next trip!

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