Our Mission

Do you want to be a better leader at work or school? Do you want to develop the self-assured confidence that comes from making decisions under difficult circumstances? Do you want to learn to communicate effectively, and appreciate living simply?

At Cleveland Zephyr Outdoor Academy, we offer nature-based educational retreats that help participants discover their own unique leadership style.

What We Teach

Using nature as our classroom, we’ll hike through rugged wild areas where you’ll explore what it means to be a leader, learn basic wilderness survival skills, and discover the benefits of living simply while leaving a minimal impact on pristine natural areas.


We’ll explore what it means to be a leader – not just as the person in charge, but how we actively engage in leadership by caring for ourselves and our own needs, and by being an involved member of the team.


We’ll immerse ourselves in the environment, focus on our best-selves, and intentionally create what we want from each day.

Your Unique Style

We’ll investigate different leadership styles and group dynamics, and help you discover your own unique way of leading people.

Responsible Risk-Taking

We’ll take you out of your comfort zone to create a transformative, experience-based educational expedition that will increase your tolerance for responsible risk-taking, and allow you to get comfortable with not knowing the outcome of every decision.


We’ll focus on the creative process and learn how to unleash your potential to creatively solve problems.

Environmental Stewardship

We’ll introduce Leave No Trace ethics and their application to life in the ‘front country’ and you’ll have the opportunity to become a Leave No Trace Trainer.

Cost-Effective Leadership Education in Serene Natural Surroundings

Cleveland Zephyr Outdoor Academy provides a cost-effective way to improve leadership skills in serene, remote, natural surroundings.

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