Full Day Workshop

Spend a day with Cleveland Zephyr immersing yourself in the restorative properties of nature.

With National Parks, State Parks, and Cleveland’s MetroParks as our backdrop, we’ll focus on mindfulness as we slow down, unplug, and appreciate the sights and sounds of our natural environment.

The benefits of spending time outside cannot be overstated. Research shows that being in nature lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones, while boosting brain function and improving mental health.

As with other Cleveland Zephyr courses, we’ll go over the basics of packing, planning, and preparing for a successful day hike. You’ll receive an introduction to Leave No Trace ethics and how they can be applied to life in the front-country. We’ll spend time with our cameras exploring photographic techniques that can enhance mindfulness, and learn how unleashing your inner artist can help you become a more creative problem solver. And we’ll introduce elements of communicative leadership and how they can be used to improve your leadership skills.

Trail snacks and a healthy lunch will be provided.

Contact us for details, dates, and to reserve your spot today!


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