5 Day Adventure Course

National Parks, National Forests, and designated Wilderness Areas are the ideal location to learn and refine your hiking and backpacking skills, while developing your own unique leadership style.

Each day of a Cleveland Zephyr adventure begins with a focus on mindfulness and wellness.¬†We’ll learn to cook delicious, nutritious meals in the back-country, then be on the trail by mid-morning.

You’ll have the chance to experiment with different leadership styles and learn the various aspects of communicative leadership. We’ll emphasize how leadership skills learned in the back-country can transfer to life in the front-country.

Throughout the course, we’ll discuss photography techniques that can be used to enhance your mindfulness, improve your skill as a photographer, and unleash your inner creativity.

Focusing on environmental stewardship, we’ll introduce you to Leave No Trace ethics and discuss how we can apply the Leave No Trace ethos to life in the front-country.

At $1,000, this course is a cost-effective way to gain back-country leadership experience close to home.

Contact us about specific dates, and to reserve your spot today!

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