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Reflections on Baja

Getting the most out of peak experiences requires living in the present

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Stepping Off the Precipice

I have once again stepped off the precipice and joined the ranks of the self-employed. The last few months have been ones of seismic change for me.

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Changing Your Life Is Hard

In my quest to re-define myself as an outdoor educator and writer, I’ve been doing a lot of reading. One of the consistent themes is, to be a good writer, you simply need to write a lot. And to write a lot,…

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How to Commune with Nature in Cleveland

“Nature” is probably not the first word that comes to mind when you think of Cleveland. You’re more likely to think of a rust-belt, industrial city. Or maybe LeBron James. But if you spend a little time here, you’ll learn that there’s a lot of ways to get outside within 60 minutes of downtown.

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Beginnings…And Beginning Again

    As a teenager growing up in greater-Cleveland, Ohio, I spent my formative years teaching sailing, coaching swimming, and working at the local pool. Like most of my peers, I went to college to get ‘a good job’. I graduated,…

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