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Category: Experiential Education

Day 4 – Inside My Head

NOLS Coursework The substance of a NOLS course has been astonishing. We’ve covered so many different topics, in such a dynamic environment. Our instructors have been amazing in their ability to tease lessons out of the day’s events, blending the…

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Day 1 – On a Train

Boarding the train at 5am, I wasn’t sure what was in store for me over the next 10 days. I wasn’t nervous so much as I was excited. Excited for the unknown. Excited for an adventure. It had been too…

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How Meditating Can Improve Business

Ever since I was in middle school I’ve loved quotes. A good quote encapsulates so much in a short sentence, and is a powerful way to set the tone for an upcoming section. For example, in a law review article I…

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On Becoming an Aspiring Outdoor Educator

I have come to realize the transformative power  of time in nature. My first taste came when I took my daughter for a short hike near Squire’s Castle in the Cleveland MetroParks. She was 4. It was just a walk in the…

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