I am a long-haired hippie leading volunteer service trips throughout the eastern United States; I am a clean-cut lawyer pleading my client’s case at trial; I am a swimming coach; a community leader; a sailing teacher; and the founder of a non-profit that retains young talent in Cleveland. I SCUBA dive; I ski; I identify organizational goals, and create business strategies to meet them. I am a bartender; a philosopher; and a student of the world. I am an activist, a conservationist, a fundraiser, an entrepreneur, a writer, and an editor. I have driven across the country west to east, south to north, and have traipsed across Europe. I love public speaking and shooting pool.

At 38 years old I realized I do not want to “go quietly into that dark night.” I do not want to wake up at 65 years old filled with regret that life has passed me by. I want to live my passion every day. I believe that, as members of the human race, we have an inherent need to convene with the natural world and that, by doing so, we tap into our own powerful creativity. I believe that, if we listen closely, the forests and hills, and the bays and the islands of Northeast Ohio have lessons to teach. So please, join me in my quest to help realize the unique power that each of us has within ourselves, as we travel together on the voyage we call  life.

Photo Jan 20, 11 10 35 AM


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